About Us

Global Trading is a company that brings together leading Polish producers from the food industry.  In our offer we have a wide range of high quality cold meat products, frozen food, tinned meat and fish as well as fresh fruit and vegetables from farms. We are able to deliver fresh vegetables and fruits all year round. In our offer we also have dairy products. We have appropriate certificates. We work with reliable suppliers. We have halal meat products.

Our mission

We are open to the needs of the market, we focus on the implementation of tasks entrusted to us. Cooperation with us guarantees you the highest quality of service. With us you will build for your customers a complementary, attractive and tasty offer in each price group, from the economic shelf to the premium brand.


Proven products

We have the appropriate certificates. We work with proven suppliers.


Fast shipping

We use professional transport services. We make sure that the delivery time is as short as possible. Our logistics and transport are constantly improving their qualifications in order to achieve satisfaction of our customers at the European level.


Company Stek-Rol

Stek-Rol company specializes mainly in distribution of packaged food. Its offer includes processed and preserved food, as well as hot and cold ready-made dishes and pâtés. The production for the contract is undertaken by the best producers in Poland who have advanced certificates and authorizations proving the high quality of products.

Zaklady meat Szubryt

Zaklady Meat Szubryt has been producing cold meat for over twenty years, striving to achieve the highest quality. The main goal is to produce unique and traditional cold meats, maintaining the highest European quality standards. These standards are treated as a complete minimum for internal quality control procedures and technology improvement. Using unique technological process, based on real smoking chambers and perfect drying of smoke wood, curing without any machines and manual meat cutting.

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